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William HOBBS & Mary Jane MCGRATH
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William HOBBS (1)
11 Aug 1843  - Luckington, Wiltshire, England (2); Malmesbury District.
15 Sep 1843  - Acton Turville, Gloucestershire, England (5); Parents Enoch (labourer) and Jane.
26 May 1867  - McLaren Vale, South Australia, Australia (8 9); Res of Daniel Wickham. Bride 20, father John McGrath.
08 Sep 1918  - Gladstone, South Australia, Australia (6)
 Labourer. Farmer at Melrose, Gladstone. Also poundkeeper (farmer?) at Myponga and Gladstone. Gladstone from ~1876.
1851 Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England (3); Gillingstool. Age: 7; Son
 Martha 1868-1908, William John 1870-1957, Arthur James 1872-1954, Eliza Jane 1874-1950, Helen 1876-1949, Alfred 1879-1966?, Tabitha 1881-1942, Lucy 1883-1978, Ethel Eva 1885-1946. [9]
Newspaper Clippings:
 See Citation. (4)
about 1847  - London, England
26 Apr 1915  - Gladstone, South Australia, Australia (7); Age: 68
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    *** Chronicle Saturday 9 October 1869 LOCAL COURT - NORMANVILLE TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5. [Before Messrs. E. J. Peake, S.M., S. Herbet, and J. Heathcote, J.P.'s.] William Hobbs was accused by Isabella McIntosh with having charged excessive and illegal damages on a horse impounded by him at the Myponga Pound on September 4th, namely 2s. 6d., Evidence was given showing that before the information was laid defendant had ten- dered a return of the excess namely, 1s. 6d. The Court ordered him to return that amount to informant.
    *** Register Thursday 12 December 1872 MYPONGA, November 30. Mr. William Hobbs applied to Council for assistance in making a road by his place; to bo attended to.
    *** Chronicle Saturday 24 April 1875 MYPONGA. April 17. Mr. William Hobbs to be allowed 11. for work done near his place.
    *** Register Tuesday 29 February 1876 SAMUEL LAKE, formerly of Salter's Springs, Teamster, is requested to send his address to William Hobbs, at Melrose. Im- portant business.
    *** Register Saturday 5 October 1889 AN UNEXPECTED JUDGMENT. PECULIAR CASE OF IMMORALITY. [By Telegraph] Gladstone. October 5. A singular case of appeal was heard before a full Court here yesterday. A man named Creighton was sentenced by the Mayor some three weeks ago to two months' imprison-ment for being unlawfully on the premises of one William Hobbs. The peculiarity of the case is that the appellant pleaded guilty when before the Police Court, and the appeal is now upheld, quashing the conviction and setting the prisoner free. The details of the case were disgusting, the evidence ehowing that Creighton was onthe premises for immoral purposes with Hobb's wife. The Court ruled that, immoral purposes were not necessarily illegal. [This may not be this William Hobbs - there was also a William John Hobbs in Gladstone.]
    *** Chronicle Saturday 12 October 1889 GLADSTONE, October 4. Mr. Edmunds, S M., and Messrs. Growden and Coe, justices of the peace, sat here yester- day to hear an appeal against the decision given in the Police Court, by which a man named Alexander Creightonwaa sentenced to two months' imprisonment for being unlawfully on the premises of William Hobbs. Oreighton was invited to the place for a bad purpose by Mrs. Hobbs, and went there more than once. He pleaded guilty st the trial, but afterwards appealed, which appeal waa upheld yesterday by the court. The case has caused a good deal of interest here.
    *** Register Tuesday 10 December 1889 GOLDING —HOBBS. —On the 5th December, at the Congregational Church, Mount Lofty, by the Rev. John Lloyd, of Wallaroo, Solomon, fourth son of Mrs. Ruben Golding, to Martha Jane, daughter of Mr. William Hobbs, of Gladstone.
    *** Chronicle Saturday 14 August 1897 IMPOUNDINGS. GLADSTONE, W. Hobbs — One red cow, no brands visible, to be sold August 16.
    *** Chronicle Saturday 14 March 1908 CLEARING SALE. AT THE FARM, 3 MILES SOUTH-WEST OF WIR- RABARA AND 10 MILES NORTH OF LAURA. FREEHOLD FARM, IMPLEMENTS, &c. On SATURDAY, March 21, at 2 o'clock. ELDER. SMITH; & CO.. Ltd have received instructions from Mr. William Hobbs, of Wirrabara (wlio is retiring), to sell by auction, as under — FREEHOLD SECTION 558 HUNDRED of APPILA, containing 202 Acres of good Garden or Agricultural Land, permanent water, and sub- divided into five paddocks (180 acres cleared and 100 acres good, timber). Improvemen-Four- roomed House, outbuildings, sheds, &c., and small garden. Also, at the same time and place — 1 Cow Tip-Dray and Harness, 2 Ploughs Dover Oven, Household Sundries, &c. Terms— For Land, at Sale; Plant &c., as usual.
    *** Register Wednesday 9 December 1908 A WOMAN'S ESCAPE: GLADSTONE, December 7.-Late on Saturday night two neighbours, noticing an unusually bright light in the house of Mr. W. Hobbs, ran across, and being unable to make any one hear, broke in the door. The bed curtains were found to be on fire and Mrs. Hobbs was lying on the bed with her clothes well alight. A few buckets of water were promptly used, and the fire waa extinguished A few minutes more and nothing could have saved the unfortunate woman from being incinerated. Mr. Hobbs was sleeping outside, but heard nothing. A doctor attended the victim, and ordered her removal to the Jamestown Hospital.
    *** Advertiser Friday 14 May 1915 Deaths: HOBBS.-On the 26th April, Mary Jane Hobbs, beloved wife of William Hobbs, of Gladstone. Mourned by all.
    *** Chronicle Saturday 21 September 1918 Deaths: HOBBS. —At Gladstone, on September 8, William Hobbs, aged 76.

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