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James Henry HALLAM & Mary Jane PRIOR
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James Henry HALLAM (1)
10 Jan 1867  - Barwell, Leicestershire, England (4); Parents William Hallam & Sarah Taylor.
29 Sep 1867  - Barwell, Leicestershire, England
10 Nov 1894  - Kent Town, South Australia, Australia (9); Wesleyan Parsonage. Groom's father William Hallam.
21 Oct 1946  - Eastwood, South Australia, Australa (6); Res. Black Forest, age 79. Buried Brighton North.
09 Feb 1875 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (2); Ship 'Marlborough' from London, with Parents, 4 sibs, 1 nephew.
 Millicent Adela Mary 27 Aug 1901.
Newspaper Clippings:
 See source citations. (3)
 Fitter & turner. 1896 Gawler;1908 Foundry St, Goodwood Pk; 1913 Brighton. Active in Wesleyan sunday school, YMCA, Rechabites. Brighton Councillor ~1914.
1871 Barwell, Leicestershire, England (5); Son 4 of William, farmer of 84 acres, with parents, 3 sibs, 2 serv.
Mary Jane PRIOR (7)
07 Nov 1874  - Peachy Belt, South Australia, Australia (8); Near Penfield.
27 Jan 1972  - Westbourne Park, South Australia, Australia; Widow aged 97. [GenealogySA BDB DB.] Buried North Brighton.
Thomas PRIOR


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    *** Advertiser Friday 30 August 1901 HALLAM.—On the 27th August, at Jacob-street, Gawler, the wife of James H. Hallam—a daughter. Doing well.
    *** Mail Saturday 29 November 1913 BRIGHTON. - FOR MAYOR. John O'Connell, John Martin. FOR COUNCILLORS. North Ward.— W. Hendry Kerr, James Henrv Hallam.
    *** Register Monday 1 December 1913 BRIGHTON. Returning Officer— Mr. R. J. Mills (Town 3erk). […]—For Councillors.— North Ward— James Henry Hallam, fit- ter, Eton road, Somerton; […]
    *** News Tuesday 22 October 1946 HALLAM.-On October 21, at hospital (result of accident), James Henry, dearly beloved husband of Mary J. Hal- lam, 60 East avenue, Black Forest, and devoted father of Millicent Gibbons: in his 80th year.

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