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about 1847  - Somerset, England; Mother Harriet Downes. [From obit, DC]
06 Sep 1882  - Albury, New South Wales, Australia (6 7); Presbyterian. Groom W, Labourer, Albury. Bride S, Living with father, Wodonga. Witnesses Peter Davis, Henrietta Clara Edwards. Minister James Henry.
27 Feb 1914  - Wodonga, Victoria, Australia (1); Aged 67, suddenly. Mother Hart Downes.
 Fell Timber Creek, Wodonga. Farmer, carter.
 Mary Jane (m.Stackpoole) 1884-, James 1886-1967, Ann Caroline (m.May) 1889-1979(WA), George Edward 1892-, Alice (m.Swain) 1895-1977
Caroline PRIOR (2)
about 1856  - Milang, South Australia, Australia (4); No record, age from DC. Probably born at Milang or in Mt. Barker area.
26 Jul 1945  - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (5); Age 89, res. Wodonga. Father James Prior, mother Mary Pound.
Newspaper Clippings:
State Ward:
1865 South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; In Immigrants Home from 1863. Released 20 Dec 1867.


Additional Information

Caroline PRIOR:


For descriptions of Caroline's early life in SA and Vic (and as a state ward), see Notes for her father James Prior.

Despite an inauspicious start, Caroline showed the most stability and family consciousness of James Prior's family. Marrying George Vining in 1882, she settled at Fell Timber Creek (near Wodonga) running the farm after her husband died in 1914, and eventually moving into Wodonga on retirement.

When her mother became sick in 1907, she travelled to Adelaide to attend her, and brought her back to Wodonga to die.


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  3. Details: Clippings Citation Text: *** Wodonga & Towong Sentinel Friday 3 September 1909 LAND BOARD. A local land board was held at the Court-house, Wodonga;, presided over by Mr T. E. Wyatt, land officer, on Tuesday, when the following applications were considered: Parish of Wodonga. - Allotment 10, Section 17, 350 acres. […] George Vining deposed that he was a farmer and carter, living at Fell Timber Creek, married, with five in family, two of whom lived at home. Had 40 acres freehold adjoining the land applied for. Had no run for his cattle. Had a crop of 6 acres and an acre of orchard, with numerous outbuildings. Had a separator and farming implements, 3 horses and dray. His wife had 61½, acres at Stanley, which was fenced and ringbarked. Wanted the land as a run for his cattle. He was prepared to comply with the residence conditions if he got the land. He lived about half his time at Stanley, but expected to have the Crown grant in six months' time. […] The Land Officer deferred his recom- mendation till the close of the next case, when he announiced that he would recommend that the area be divided as follows:-[…] G. Vining,40 acres, adjacent to his freehold; […] *** Wodonga & Towong Sentinel Friday 6 January 1911 Marriage. MAY - VINING. - On 22nd December, 1910, at St. Luke's Church of England, Wodonga, by Rev. E. Farquharson, M.A., Harry Durant May to Anne Caroline, second daughter of George Vining, of "Sunnyside," Wodonga. *** Wodonga & Towong Sentinel Friday 6 March 1914 The death occurred at his residence, Felltimber Creek, Wodonga, on Friday night of Mr. George Vining, an old and well-known resident of this district. Deceased, who was 67 years of age, had only been ill for two days, suffering from acute colic, and his death was totally unexpected. Mr. Vining had lived in this district for about 40 years, and, with his family, was held in the highest esteem by everyone. He was born in Somersetshire, England, and when only four years of age came to Australia with his parents. He leaves a wldow, two sons and three daughters to mourn their loss, and general sympathy is expressed for the family in their severe and sudden loss. The funeral took pIace in the Wodonga cemetery on Sunday afternoon. *** Wodonga & Towong Sentinel Friday 3 August 1945 OBITUARY Mrs C. VINING Another very old resident of Wodonga in Mrs Caroline Vining died in Melbourne on 26th ult., aged 89 years. Except for the last 12 months Mrs Vining lived the whole of her life in Wodonga. Her husband predeceased her by 30 years. Prior to coming into Wodonga to live some years ago the Vining family lived at Fell Timber Creek. Deceased had the respect of a great many people. Two sons and three daughters are left to mourn their loss. The burial took place at Wodonga on Saturday, when Rev W. A. Williams read the last rites of the Church of England. ***.
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